We Provide Owner Protecting Agency Services like CTM, Crew Change, Cargo Survey. We offer protecting agency both for shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo owners (CPA) to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call.

As protective agents, we ensure that your interests are well taken care of. This helps you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call. It can be as simple as arranging an independent survey and report, to full involvement from start to finish to ensure that all port operations are expedited including:

  • Prompt and accurate Replies
  • Checking pro forma D/A submitted by the head agent for compliance with applicable tariffs
  • Receipt of owners’ funds and payment of head agents
  • Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as required
  • Checking cargo documents/SOF/ time sheets for correctness, notifying owners if not, and issuing letters of protest
  • Preparation of bills of lading and cargo documentation.

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